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There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come – Victor Hugo


Media Fisher Ltd is a digital creative studio that blends reality with imagination. Concepts are produced from ideas discussed with clients and are transformed into digital art that communicates the desired message.

With our principles deeply rooted in the Kingdom, we aim to be a relevant organisation that touches and changes lives through digital media. We are fully confident and know why we exist so connect with us and allow us to serve your vision. We are not afraid to break the rules….

Our Services

Video Production

Promote your product or event effectively: If you want people to watch and listen, simplicity works. A promo video will inform people what they are missing from your business. It will also help expose you to people globally.

Strategy analysis

A team of in-house business analysts are at hand to gather your requirements and create strategies that will see your business achieve its goals. Through a series of elicitation techniques, interviews and research, the analyst will guide you through processes in order to ensure a solid foundation from the onset.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search results appear to relevant audience at an opportune time. Our team is skilled at making you search relevant, increasing your ranking factors, identifying the proper category for your business and keyword research. We have the necessary tools and techniques to bring you search results.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design includes flyer and poster design.  Creativity is at the forefront of our designs and an understanding of design for print is crucial. Understanding your business/ministry ensures we maintain brand identity and showcase who you really are.

Website Maintenance

If you are just starting your business or are already established, you would benefit from regular website maintenance. A website that is not maintained regularly repels potential clients and is also susceptible to security risks. A well maintained website is like a well serviced car. It runs smoothly and efficiently.  

Website Development

Our Websites are build to look beautiful and function superbly as well. A website says a lot about who you are and has the energy to make or break your product, business or ministry.

Let us give you an opportunity online. Our web development team are built for it. 

We will transform your idea, only if you are willing.

The People Who Have Trusted Us So Far